Monday, 18 November 2013

Android Debug Bridge over WiFi

A helpful tip I've recently learnt about which is particularly handy if you lack USB cables or have an excess of Android devices is the ability to use Android Debug Bridge over TCP/IP or more importantly over WiFi.

To prime your device for ADB over TCP/IP simply with it connected by USB enter the following command into your terminal (I'm not 100% certain if the devices is required to be plugged in already, its just what I did).
adb tcpip 5555
Which should restart adb on port 5555, after this simply connect your device by entering the following command replacing ipaddress with the ip address of your device which can be found from the advanced WiFi settings page.
adb connect ipaddress
Awesomeness, couple this with some static ip addresses a few host records and bash file on startup and you've got a pre-primed Android development set-up!

You're welcome.